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How To Have A Healthy Lawn From Day 1 | A Healthy Lawn Begins With The Soil

You’re here because you want to learn how to have a healthy lawn right?. The very first thing you need to understand is that developing a healthy lawn from day 1 all depends upon your soil.

If the soil under the turf is good, you’ll have a healthy lawn for many years into the future. For best growth, turf grass needs just four things (within the proper balance) to grow… and they are sunlight, air, water and nutrients.

Reduce any of these, or provide extra amounts of any one, and the grass may suffer or simply die, but with the right proportions, your lawn will flourish.

Grass obtains three of these four essential factors (air, water and nutrients) from the soil, but some soils are less than ideal for growing grass. Some soils contain an excessive amount clay and may be very compacted… ideal for roads, bad for grass, because air and water aren’t available to the roots and the roots can’t grow.

Other soils can have too much sand… beautiful on a beach, but hard to grow grass because water and nutrients won’t stay in the root zone for long enough for the plant to use.

Another frequently observed issue with many soils is that its pH (the degree of acidity or alkalinity) is too high or too low for optimum grass growth. So getting the soil right is important. Idealy you’d get the existing soil checked by a soil scientist, and he would inform you of what it needs, but this is not always practical (though it is feasible). Simply google soil laboratories and you’ll find one.

In addition to getting advice from a soil scientist, there are basic methods that can be employed to

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