The Best 2 Ways To Stop Weeds In Your Turf Grass

The Best 2 Ways To Stop Weeds In Your Turf Grass

The best 2 ways stop weeds is by mowing your lawn regularly, and to chose a lawn like Buffalo or Zoysia that naturally competes well with weeds.

 Broad leaf weeds have broad generally flat leaves and can be sprayed out of your lawn with chemicals just like Bromoximal MCPA, often sold via the brand Bindii Killer.

If you have Buffalo, be certain you use one suitable for Buffalo. Broad leaf weeds include clover, Bindii, thistle, Capeweed, Creeping Oxalis, Cat’s Ear and even more. You can use either the chemicals diluted into a spray pack or unit, which is certainly the best way.

Spray the lawn and naturally the weeds will die, while the lawn will be unharmed. Other options include using a clip-on hose herbicide such as Yates?, which you’ll find is easy to use, but on some harder to kill weeds like Clover aren’t as effective as the mixture you would make up in a spray unit, but for other weeds they are very effective. Weed and feed products seem good, but horticulturist never recommend spraying a weed chemical and fertilising simultaneously.

It is suggested you keep these processes separate. Some clover weeds may tend to be particularly stubborn, and you could need to use a stronger chemical, but sorry to say these aren’t available to the public, so you may need to hire a specialist, or just kill the areas dead with round up, and then replant, or try stronger frequent applications of the broad leaf chemical available to you.

Keep an eye out over winter for Bindii to develop. It may take a handful of applications to get all of them, as they germinate at different times over winter.

 Remember, stop weeds well before they seed, and you will stop the next generation.


In the event you have Couch or Zoysia, you can use a specialist to get many grass weeds out of your lawn with commercial chemicals.

You can also spot grass weeds out by yourself by employing Round up or other mechanical methods. This works for all lawn types, including Buffalo, and Kikuyu, along with Couch and Zoysia. The simplest means by which to remove them is to chip them before they seed. Just use a knife, a pick, or a specialised weeding fork, which definitely works best. However if you have to, another method is to use a wick wiper filled with round up.

Simply wipe the herbicide on the weed, and then it will die. You may have to repeat this in a couple of weeks. See to it that you do not get any on your lawn.

 Sometimes you’ve got Kikuyu located within Buffalo lawn. To kill it, I’ll get comfy, and paint the round up on, making sure you wear a rubber glove. Alternatively you might want to locate a section of Cardboard under the Kikuyu and above the lawn, and paint the round up directly onto the Kikuyu.

If you have a Couch or Zoysia lawn, specialists can take out Kikuyu with commercial chemicals which are not generally available for home sale, however DSMA or MCPA is at the moment available in some home formulations such as Paspalum killer, and may be used to take out stuborn grass weeds such as Kikuyu and Paspalum in Zoysia and Couch.

Be certain you read the label carefully if you decide to do it yourself, as the label may vary from product to product. Some claim these chemicals will take out nut grass as well, but generally Sempra is actually a better option.

 If you have Nut grass, there are specialist nut grass killers, however they are usually so expensive for a small quantity it really is better value to hire a specialist commercial weed killing service, although recently Sempra has appeared on some web pages for as low as $69.95 for 25grms.

Non chemical weed control methods.

 Mow regularly, and make use of Buffalo or Zoysia lawns. Besides that you can chip or hand weed. Steam or hot water can be utilized to kill weeds. The steam or hot water if used correctly will kill Broadleaf weeds without harming turf grass, but I suggest experimenting on small areas first to find out for yourself how best to do it.

It can also be dangerous, so maybe Round Up could possibly be safer. These days you could buy small portable steamers. Plug these into an extension cord, and steam the weed to death. For those who really hate chemicals, your steamer can clean the bathroom, then kill the weeds.

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