KENDA KIKUYU TURF™ is a drought and wear tolerant Pennisetum clandestinum

KENDA KIKUYU TURF™ is a drought and wear tolerant Pennisetum clandestinum


Kenda is a fast establishing form of Kikuyu turf with great drought and wear tolerance. If you have a large dog or kids, or a footy team to keep happy, Kenda is a good high wear tolerance option. Kenda is excellent value, especially when you consider how much better it’s winter colour is compared to any other warm season turf, including Buffalo, Couch, or other Kikuyu types. 

For Commercial use. Sporting fields, parks, golf courses, race courses, and other amenity areas. Kenda Kikuyu has greatly improved wear tolerance because it has four times as many rhizomes, and more vigorous stolons. It’s far more winter active, which is important as that’s when sporting lawns are prone to most damage.
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For the home owner. Hard wearing Kenda is the perfect choice for hard playing kids and energetic dogs. But what makes Kenda absolutely perfect for front and back yards is its winter activity, meaning in most parts of Australia, you can have a dark green lawn all year round, even in winter.

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