KENDA KIKUYU TURF™ is a drought and wear tolerant Pennisetum clandestinum | Free Downloads

Kenda Kikuyu Turf Free Downloads

KENDA KIKUYU TURF™ is a Pennisetum clandestinum with great drought and wear tolerance and you need all the information you can get when you’re buying new turf, so…

Just below you’ll find some free info to help you make the best decision possible.

Click on the links now to download them.

Download Brochure (PDF – 433KB)

This paper was presented to the IPPS in Queensland in 2012. Trials were done on Turf and Plant varieties and it was great to see Kenda was the greenest and most active in winter. Studies showed that on average, Kenda Kikuyu had 47.5% better winter colour clippings than the other Kikuyu’s in the trial.

While the plots themselves showed that on average Kenda had 26% better winter colour than other Kikuyus. Click here for the complete research PDF

Click here to check out videos of Kenda…


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