The versatile and stunning Meema, A Hardenbergias that lasts longer | Press Release

The versatile and stunning Meema, A Hardenbergias that lasts longer | Press Release

MEEMA™ Hardenbergia violacea ‘HB1’ PBR.

Meema is another beautiful and tough plant from Ozbreed. This new variety of Hardenbergia has some big differences compared to other varieties available. The vibrant flowers are a stand out in any landscape as they come out in the masses, and they last much longer than other Hardenbergias available.

It’s usually when the flowers are gone that most Hardenbergias look scraggly and unappealing, well not Meema! The main reason a decade of breeding has gone into this plant, is not for its beautiful purple flowers that last longer (this is just a great bonus), but for its shrubby groundcover form that doesn’t get too untidy. Meema’s foliage remains clean and crisp in cold winters, hot dry periods and northerly winds. Because of this it is a longer lived variety that is more reliable for landscape use.

Meema is what you could call a multipurpose plant. As well as having a nice form as a shrubby groundcover, this plant can also be trained to climb up a trellis and will creep up things if allowed to. Can you imagine the ground and a wall covered in Meema? It would be a mass of beautiful green foliage for most of the year with a mass of those beautiful purple flowers in winter and spring. Meema grows 400-500mm high x 2m wide and prefers full sun to heavy shade.

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