Liriope, Feature Plant Or Groundcover | Pure Blonde™

Liriope muscari ‘LIRBLONDE’ PBR. Pure Blonde™ Feature Plant, Groundcover | Emporium Range Of Plants

Don’t judge a book by its cover, this plant is tough!

Pure Blonde™ is tough, unlike most light coloured plants. It’s a tough Liriope that works in just about any situation. If you cut this plant back to the ground in July, it’ll re-shoot pure blonde during August through September depending on where you live.

Picture the colour contrast amongst Black Mondo. Amazing. The key to Pure Blonde is that it stays blonde for about 2 months in spring, then slowly turns green. By summer it’s mainly green, which helps it do well in the hot weather. In Autumn there are often new greenish blonde shoots.

Dimensions: 30cm high x 40cm wide

Position: Full sun to heavy shade. If it’s grown in full sun and re-shoots in the sun, there’s rarely any burning, particularly in it’s second year. If you move it from shade to sun it may burn.
Tough enough to grow almost anywhere Australia wide, including humid North Queensland and cold Canberra just avoid using it in exposed windy conditions.

Soil Types: Sandy to clay soil types.

Uses: Feature plant, groundcover.

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