Nandina domestica | BLUSH, Great As A Low Hedge, Shrub Or Feature In A Garden

Blush™ Nandina domestica ‘AKA’ PBR. Low Hedge, Shrub Or Feature In A Garden | Hardy Exotic Range

Red foliage most of the year

Blush™ is the only medium dwarf Nandina that gets red new growth most of the year. While other Nandinas like Gulfstream and Nandina domestica Nana are shooting new green growth in spring, summer and autumn, Blush™ is shooting loads of red new growth.

A red flushing compact shrub, Blush turns red all over during most Australian winters. In the warmer climates like mid to northern Queensland, the colour won’t be as red. It is very drought, cold and humidity tolerant. It is safe around bushland as it doesn’t spread seed.

It grows to a height of 60-70cm and has a spread of 60cm.


Great as a low hedge, shrub or feature in a garden.


Full sun or shade.


Prune every few years for hedging. Blush™ works well in free draining to heavy clay soils.

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