Vintage Red, Ornamental Australian Native Tree | Landscape Gardening Plants

VINTAGE RED™ Eucalyptus cladoclayx ‘EUC78’ PBR Ornamental Australian Native Tree | Landscape Gardening Plants

Vintage Red™ - Advanced Trees

Foliage Update: After growing tens of thousands of plants, not a single one of them has ever reverted to green foliage. Vintage Red stays red and is 100% stable.

Vintage Red™ is a decorative ornamental Australian native tree with stunning red foliage. It is the first red foliaged Eucalypt to be released anywhere in the world. Vintage Red is a form of Sugar Gum and it produces distinctive stems and branches which when they’re young, are almost black in colour. During the summer months, as these plants matures their deep coloured bark on the branches and trunk peel away revealing a contrasting smooth grey bark.

Their unique foliage colour can change from bright red to purple and grey depending on which direction the sunlight is coming from and the age of the foliage. After more trialling in the last couple of years, I found Vintage Red will grow approximately 6-8 metres tall x 3-4 metres wide, no larger.

Vintage Red is a medium to tall ornamental tree and is ideal for large home gardens, parks, roadsides, acreage and farms. You can still use Vintage Red in smaller gardens and close to houses, as long as it is pruned back by 1/3 every 12 months once it reaches 2-4m tall, and is kept low by pruning it for the rest of its life. This way it’s like having a big shrub. If you do have read more…


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