SWEEPER, Large Screen Plant | Landscape Gardening Plants

SWEEPER® Waterhousea floribunda ‘DOW20’ PBR Large Screen Plant | Landscape Gardening Plants

Sweeper® - Advanced Trees

Sweeper is an improved variety of Waterhousea which features a heavily weeping habit with gorgeous lush green new growth and an elegant rippled leaf.

Compared to the common Waterhousea, Sweeper has a much denser form making it the ideal plant if you need a large screen.

Sweeper also makes for a stunning street tree, feature plant or shade tree performing well in sites like the WestPoint Shopping Centre in NSW. WestPoint has used large specimens for pavement plantings creating a lovely softening effect in a harsh concrete environment.

Another place you’ll find Sweeper is at Mirvac’s Mornington Estate at Holsworthy, NSW where it’s been effectively used for street trees and screening.

It doesn’t matter what landscape you put Sweeper in, it looks superb. You’ll be swept away by this majestic tree.

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