Crimson Villea | Mass Plantings, Specimen Plantings For Native Gardens And Rockeries

Crimson Villea™ Grevillea rosmarinifolia ‘GH16’ PBR Intended | Native Shrubs & Groundcovers

Crimson Villea™ - Native Shrubs and Groundcovers Range


Crimson Villea™ is tidier, denser and more prostrate than Scarlet Sprite. It is a tough, compact Grevillea with masses of stunning crimson flowers. These flowers can be seen in autumn, late winter and early spring.

Crimson Villea™ will grow 80cm x 80cm.


Great in mass plantings or specimen plantings for native gardens and rockeries.


Crimson Villea™ requires full sun to light shade. It is drought, frost and moderately humidity tolerant. Suited to well drained soil types.


Water well until established. Prune as required and use a slow release fertiliser annually.

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