Native Grass | Gardening To Survive Water Restrictions | Nara Native Turf

Native Grass | Gardening To Survive Water Restrictions | Nara Native Turf

By Todd Layt

Australians are very creative in finding ways to have a green garden even in times of water restrictions. Here are some ideas to help you create green spaces that can survive most water restrictions, including useful tips on grey water systems, water tanks, no irrigation gardening plants, best mulch types, best turf varieties and more.

Water Tanks and Grey Water Systems

We can’t wait for the government to provide us with water for gardens, so the best thing to do is to organise your own supply. You can do this with water tanks, or even better, grey water systems. Water tanks are easy to find, and there is plenty of information available. The main thing to think about is that small tanks don’t offer a good long term solution as water in smaller tanks can be quickly used up in times of drought. Put in larger tanks, there are now some good sized tanks that come in a variety of shapes and sizes. There are some that are thin and narrow, some that fit under the house and stylish tanks that become part of the landscape. Any tank less than 4,000 litres is a bit small to provide a good back up water supply.

If you’re limited for space, install a few smaller tanks in sequence to make up the volume needed. The information that’s available on grey water systems is a bit more confusing, so I’ve gathered information on 3 good systems that seem to work and are easy to organise to be installed. Whenever possible, forget the small installations that just divert water from washing machines, as the amount of water is so negligible. Only about 50% of existing homes can have storage grey water systems installed, so if feasible, it is better to do it at the time of building.

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