What To Do When Areas Of Plants Die Of Disease? | Maintaining Lawns And Gardens

What To Do When Areas Of Plants Die Of Disease? | Maintaining Lawns And Gardens

Every garden maintenance organization will experience dead plants at one time or another! So what do you do when it happens? Naturally your first step is to find out what the problem is, and treat it but this still leaves you with the issue of what to do with the bare area.

Unless you absolutely have to, it’s better to not put the same plant back, as this same disease might just kill it again. Hopefully you’ve figured out what the disease is, if you don’t, you’ll need to get it diagnosed. Then try to find plants that are very resistant, or immune to this problem.

E.g. if the problem is Phytothera then use Little Jess or Breeze, which are strappy leaf Dianella caeruleas that don’t appear to suffer from this disease. If you’ve got trees that suffered from Armillaria, you might use Acacias or something else that is less prone.

Sometimes the plants died because they’ve been planted incorrectly, or they’ve been put in the wrong kind of soil. Again it’s important to fix this problem. For example, a lot of plants have issues when their crown is buried, so this time make sure the crown is above the mulch or soil level.

It’s not easy to change the soil type, so in some cases it might be necessary to change the plant. Maybe the soil has hydrophobia, so using a wetting agent you might fix the problem. If it’s too dry for the plants, try adding a good coarse grade mulch with no fines, or plant tougher, more drought tolerant plants. There are many problems that can occur in your garden, so when plants die, your first step is to find the problem, and either fix the problem, or plant different types of plants.

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