What Are The Best Erosion Control Plants And Turf Types? | Erosion Research

What Are The Best Erosion Control Plants And Turf Types? | Erosion Research

Quantifying the strengthening of soil by commonly used plants and turf

By Todd Layt and Ian Paananen

  • What are the best erosion control plants?
  • Which plants and turf strengthen the soil the most?
  • Vital information for anyone using plants or turf on slopes, stream banks, roadsides, or anywhere that is prone to erosion

Best soil strengthening plants, based on this investigation. All plants in this list are good at strengthening the soil, with the best ones at the bottom of the table:

Groups difference to bare soil significant? % increase vs bare soil Shear Strength kPa
Little Rev 1.39 YES 161% 22.8
Carex appressa 1.52 YES 176% 23.8
Little Becca 1.55 YES 181% 24.3
Katrinus 1.85 YES 216% 26.9
Tasred 2.15 YES 250% 29.6
Breeze 2.15 YES 250% 29.5
Agapanthus 2.43 YES 283% 32
Best 6 Plants
KatieBelles 2.45 YES 285% 32.3
Becca 2.56 YES 297% 33.2
Nyalla 2.82 YES 328% 36.1
Katrinus Deluxe 3.15 YES 366% 39.6
Nafray 4.08 YES 475% 50.3
King Alfred 6.46 YES 752% 70
  • King Alfred is the best Australian erosion control plant.
  • Empire Turf is the best erosion control turf.

Turf shear vane test results and statistics for Clarendon:

Turf Type Shear Strength in kPa Significant difference to bare soil % increase to bare soil
Bare soil 66 N/A N/A
Couch 68.1 No 3.2%
Kikuyu 72.4 No 9.7%
Empire 97.9 Yes 48%


Plant roots and rhizomes are known to help strengthen soil, and aid in erosion control. However, …read more


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