Maintaining Turf And Gardens In Times Of Drought And Water Restrictions

Maintaining Turf And Gardens In Times Of Drought And Water Restrictions

By Todd Layt

I watched Burkes Backyard’s spring special a little while back with interest, and have noticed the constant theme on other gardening shows. It is all about water, and techniques to get your own water. Water restrictions have forced us to invent new ways to harvest water on our properties, and the resources that allow us to do this keep coming.

There are many other things we can do to not rely on water from water authorities, allowing us to tell the Bureaucrats to go jump, and stick their lousy water. I can’t wait till it rains and rains, and these water authorities start complaining we are not using enough water, because water users are collecting their own, and it is their bottom line that suffers. As you can see I am angry and feed up with the water situation in Australia.

Enough of the sop box, back to the topic. Before focusing on our main subject of drought and summer maintenance, collecting our own water is one way to survive water restrictions, the other is to plant the garden and lawn using smart practices that allow the greenlife to survive severe drought.

1. Collecting our own water

Tanks, grey water, drainage cells, water diversion, rain harvesting, rain gardens all help collect water. Tanks and grey water are becoming well understood, although people are still confused what plants can be used with Grey water. One study, which can be seen at gives a list of plants that have been well tested for grey water use. The best plants were Dianella Little Jess, and King Alfred, and Lomandra hystrix Katie Belles and Tropic Belle.

Rain water harvesting is now moving beyond water tanks. Rainwater gardens are becoming popular. These are simply gardens that are sunk slightly below the rest of the ground levels, allowing water to sit in them for a while. If the right plants are chosen, these gardens simply will not need watering.

People are running downpipes into gardens, and now underground storage of water is becoming popular. Atlantis corporation’s drainage cells and drainage water tanks, harvest the water from all over the property, not just roofs and gutters and store it underground.

Anyone using this technology, can really tell the water authorities to stick it. If a home or commercial site harvests its own water runoff, they will have all the water they need for gardening.

2. Plant the garden and lawns wisely

Choosing the right plants and …read more

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