Landscape Gardening Plants And Turf Research

Landscape Gardening Plants and Turf Research

Landscape Gardening Plants And Turf Research

Please Note:
Some of these landscape gardening articles are Australian, and the name of plants may differ from the American plant name.
In Australia, the Lomandra plant Breeze is called Tanika, the Dianella plant Becca is called Dianella Breeze, the Dianella plant Little Becca is called Dianella Little Jess, and Big Rev is called Revelation.

Summaries of scientific papers and research from Australia.

Results from scientific trials conducted by Ozbreed staff and consultants.

Why we do internal research rather than pay for universities to do it:

Over the last 2 years we have spent $50,000 on research, and have discovered important information about our plants and turf varieties. To do the same research with universities may have cost more than $200,000.

We believe that private enterprise, consultants, and contractors can do similar research at a fraction of the cost. This allows us to conduct far more intensive and far reaching studies, bringing specifiers and users of our products more comprehensive information and confidence in utilising our products.


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