Diagnosing Problems In Plants And Turf | Maintaining Lawns and Gardens

Diagnosing Problems In Plants And Turf | Maintaining Lawns and Gardens

Sometimes you can figure out what the problems are with your turf and plants and other times the problems just stump you. There’s no need to be embarrassed about it. You can’t know everything. When this happens though, for most of us, it’s time to call in an expert.

You’ll be much better off to know the real reason for the problems than to just bury your head in the sand and hope for the best. It might cost you money to get testing done, but in the long run (and sometimes the short run) you’ll generally save far more money than if you let your plants or turf die. So where do we go for this expert advice? For turf there are quite a few places you can go, but for my money, I find Nuturf provides an exellent diagnostic service. Phone 1800 631 008 Nationally.

They have people dedicated to helping you with problems like turf disease and pests, with soil and other problems. Another first rate company is Elders Ltd. The great thing about Elders is that they do plants, crops AND turf. They are national, and they actually use specialists in each scientific area to do the testing. They conduct tests for pests, disease, water, soil, nutrition and more…Just contact you local Elders store, and they’ll help you with this service.

If you prefer dealing with government departments, the agricultural departments in each state also do a great job. Ask for plant health diagnostic services. You can usually find these departments quickly on Google.

With all of these services, they can not only diagnose the problem, but they can generally provide you with possible solutions. For example, I recently had problems with some plants dying of Phytopthera, which I did suspect, but by sending in samples of the plants, it was confirmed.

I also decided to send in samples of the mulch, and they found out that the mulch was harbouring the Phytopthera. This really helped me realise that mulch with fines is a great place for diseases like this to prosper. Now, I only use ground cover mulch that has good airflow. (Larger particles and no fines).

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