Choosing The Right Plants And Lawn Type | Maintaining Turf And Gardens In Drought and Water Restrictions

Choosing The Right Plants And Lawn Type | Maintaining Turf And Gardens In Drought and Water Restrictions

By Todd Layt

Plant your garden and lawns wisely

Choosing the right plants and lawn type is the first step. As a breeder of the No Irrigation Ozbreed Lomandra and Dianella Strappy leaf Plants, I know first hand how tough many of our native plants are. In most populated areas of Australia, many plants will survive on natural rainfall. Lawns such as Empire Turf , and couch varieties, and even some Buffalo types such as Palmetto will survive on natural rainfall through all but the worst drought periods. Places like Perth will still require water in summer.

When establishing greenlife, you can give it a helping hand. Good soil preparation, the right PH, and using organics mixed into the soil will help the plants survive the drought and hot summers. A new product called Sanoplant has real promise when it comes to making soils hold more water, thus providing extra protection for plants and turf in the drought. Unlike Water Crystals, Sanoplant makes the water far more available to the plants and turf. It stores approximately 16 times its own weight in water, and the distributor claims that by using this product about 50% of irrigation water can be saved. It must be incorporated into the soil at soil preparation stage.

3. Maintenance techniques that help gardens survive drought and water restrictions

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