What Causes Dry Patch In Turf And How To Prevent It | Maintaining Lawns And Gardens

What Causes Dry Patch In Turf And How To Prevent It | Maintaining Lawns And Gardens

Using Surfactant on low cut turf situations, like on golf greens for example, is an essential part of good turf management. When the turf is in a high stress, low cut situation, Dry patch can appear quickly and have a very negative impact on the turf’s visual appearance.

In areas where the soil is particularly hydrophobic is where the appearance of dry patch will occur. Hydrophobic soils result when organic matter builds up on soil particles making them difficult to wet, or making them water repellent. The build up of organic matter particularly happens in the warmer months of the year when soil microbial activity is at its highest level.

A wetting Agent consists of surfactant molecules which attach to the soil particle and allow water to wet-up the soil particle, through the interaction of positive and negative charges.

Nuturf Pty Ltd can provide products which are a preventative approach to dry patch appearance, and differ in their longevity, or a curative approach.

I would like to thank Alexandra McCorquodale (Nuturf Pty Ltd – National Business Manager Wetting Agents) for this information and you can contact Nuturf on 1800 631 008 for more information. Click here for more tips…

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