How To Wick Wipe Weeds In Lawns | Tips For Maintaining Lawns And Gardens

How To Wick Wipe Weeds In Lawns | Tips For Maintaining Lawns And Gardens

Sometimes weeds in lawns can not be sprayed by selective herbicides, so you are left with either spot spraying them, which can leave dead spots, or hand weeding, which is simply a lot of work. Another alternative is to use a wick wiper.

This can be a simple hand held wand that is filled with Glyphosate, or it can be more elaborate push devices, or even tractor or quad bike drawn implements. The hand device is simple to use, simply wipe the unwanted weed with the device, making sure you only touch the weed. If the wiper drips, you can ad a little starch, and this thickens the mixture, reducing leakage.

I generally suggest using half Glyphosate and half water in these devices. The larger walk behind and tractor towed devices need more thought before using them. They are designed to take out faster growing weeds, that plague slower growing turf areas. For example, I have used these devices successfully to take out Summer grass, Sorgum, and even Kikuyu out of slower growing Buffalo lawns.

I simply let the weed grasses grow taller than the desirable turf, which can take anywhere from one week to several weeks, and I then set the wiper at the right height so that it is touching the weeds and not the lawn, and I start wiping.

I usually go over it at least twice with the second pass being at 90 or 180 degrees to the first depending on the weed, and then repeat the process a week or two later to make sure I get all the weeds. I then do one last spot weed to get the ones I missed. I have cleaned up areas that a larger than 20000 square metres by using this method and that was with the manually pushed device.

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