What Chemicals Can I Use On Buffalo Turf Grass | Maintaining Lawns And Gardens


What Chemicals Can I Use On Buffalo Turf Grass | Maintaining Lawns And Gardens

  • Many contractors aren’t sure which chemicals to use on the different Buffalo turf varieties, due to the fact that some Buffalo varieties can be harmed by some chemicals while others aren’t. There are currently trials under way in Queensland that may help clear up this confusion.

    In the meantime, the following limited information might help. The main chemical used to kill broad leaf weeds in Buffalo is Bromicide MA. This chemical works well on most types including Palmetto, Sapphire and Sir Walter. You’ve got to be more careful with the rates, and also expect some burning of the Buffalo if you have either ST85, ST91, or ST26. The ST varieties growth rate after spraying with this chemical is also significantly slowed down, which can cause problems in some areas.

    I recommend not spraying this chemical on a hot day. It’s better to spray in the cool of the evening, or wait for a cooler day. Ronstar G can be used on all the varieties of Buffalo. This chemical is a pre-emergent, which basically means it stops weed seed from germinating.

    This can be invaluable for use in areas disturbed by construction, or for the planting of Viro-Cell lawn, or runners, or for the use on recently laid turf, or established turf in weedy areas. Pentamethylene is another pre-emergent, but this chemical can only be used in well established turf, as it does tend to slow the growth rate down, and on young turf it does encourage aerial runners. Poa Chek can also be used on Buffalo, which can help remove winter grass.

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