NO IRRIGATION, No Maintenance Landscapes, Is There Any Such Thing? | Maintaining Lawns And Gardens

NO IRRIGATION, No Maintenance Landscapes, Is There Any Such Thing? | Maintaining Lawns And Gardens

Most gardens and landscapes need SOME yearly maintenance, and usually a little top up watering, but for most populated areas in Australia there are some plants that will provide you with a no irrigation, almost no maintenance garden.

Unfortunately even these plants may need the odd older leaf removed every 4 or 5 years, but that is as close to no maintenance as it gets. Most of the garden plants that fall into this category are strappy leaf plants. Plants such as Liriope, Agapanthus, better varieties of Lomandra, such as Tanika and Katrinus, and Dianellas.

Some of the best Dianellas are Little Rev, Little Jess, Cassa Blue and Breeze. To become an almost no maintenance garden, these plants must be planted close together, so that when they are about 8 months old, there are no gaps. I call this planting for weed control.

Sometimes spaces or gaps are needed to highlight plants, or simply to create a great design. If this is the case try using rock, or pieces of treated timber or something else to cover the ground in those areas. The main rule is that there should be no bare dirt or open mulch areas left in the design once the plants have grown.

If you have an existing garden you are maintaining, you can often retro fit these concepts to it. Add rock, or low maintenance plants thickly planted to weedy areas of the garden. If it is a particularly weedy area, Ronstar G can be used with many ornamentals (See Label). This is a pre-emergent which will stop weed seeds from germinating.

Doing this may just give the plants time to grow and from then on out compete the weeds.

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