Which Are The Best Plants For Patio Pots? | Landscaping With Patio Pots

Which Are The Best Plants For Patio Pots? | Landscaping With Patio Pots

Patio pots are becoming more important as part of landscape design and construction. While houses are becoming larger, blocks are becoming smaller, this results in smaller garden and outdoor living areas. Many people are asking their landscapers to maximise the outdoor living spaces, at the expense of gardens.

They still want plants, so they are moving towards patio pots, and larger planter boxes, which are often intertwined in the landscape design. When installing, or designing such patio, courtyard, or terrace landscapes, it’s important to choose the right types of plants, as well as the right pot designs, both aesthetically and functionally.

Choosing the right low maintenance plants is just part of sensible landscaping with patio pots; selecting the right potting mix, or other additives is equally important, as too is choosing the right pot.

So which type of ornamental Patio Pots are best? For starters, glazed pots are way easier to keep clean compared with Terra Cotta pots. The smooth, less porous outside of a glazed pot, makes for easier cleaning. Terra Cotta pots with their more porous texture, also allow mould to more easily form on them. However, Terra Cotta can look great in many designs and you can now buy some Terra Cotta pots that are actually sealed, which reduce some of the problems with Terra Cotta.

Due to their porous nature, unsealed Terra Cotta pots also tend to dry out quicker than Glazed pots. When deciding on pots, remember your client will need to regularly water them. To make these watering frequencies less often, choose pots that are wider. Really narrow pots, or very small in size pots require more frequent watering.

According to Simon Hupfeld, the General Manager of Northcote Pottery, there is a trend to read more…

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