When Is The Best Time To Plant A New Garden? | Landscape Gardening Plants Article


When Is The Best Time To Plant A New Garden? | Landscape Gardening Plants

By Todd Layt

The best time to Plant a new garden is in Autumn and Winter. Aussies are returning to gardens in many areas after good summer rains. In a lot of regions like Melbourne and Adelaide, the summer has been brutal for gardeners. In both cases, planting when weather is cooler, and when there is a considerable period of cooler weather ahead just makes sense.

Planting in April, May and June for most regions, provides exactly that. Obviously, very frost sensitive plants may have some trouble, particularly if they are planted in June in cooler areas. So first up, it just makes sense to choose plants that can cope with cooler month installation. Most plants can.

Some plants really benefit from planting at this time, particularly if the following summer is really hot. For example Cordylines and Phormiums, in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth should be planted by September at the very latest.

Even better, if they are planted in Autumn, a more mature size will help them make it through the hot summer. Some types of summer friendly installation plants, such as Lomandra and Dianella, and many native shrubs and trees, still benefit from Autumn planting.

Firstly, planting in the cooler months requires far less establishment watering. In fact if you wait for the ground to be wet from rain, in many regions little follow up watering will be required. Many large scale revegetation projects are planted in Autumn after rain. Tough plants are used, and after planting, it is common practice in many regions to have NO FOLLOW UP WATERING at all.

Another benefit of planting new gardens, or replanting old ones in the cooler months, is that it gives the plants enough time to establish before they get inundated by an abundance of weeds. Weeds tend to grow much faster in the warmer weather. Using chunky mulch is good because this also helps keep weeds down. Try not to use mulches that have lots of fine particles in them, as they act as potting mix, providing a great medium to germinate weed seeds.

When planting at any time, it is a good idea to read more…

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