Plants In Rock And Concrete | Landscape Gardening Plants

Plants In Rock And Concrete | Landscape Gardening Plants

By Todd Layt

Plants that perform and look good with rock and hard landscaped areas

Rock can make or break a landscape. Sure, almost always it can be the star attraction, adding style and interest in abundance, however it can have a negative impact on the plants around it. So when planting near rock, and hard surfaces, the correct preparation and maintenance, and appropriate plant selection is vital.

Sandstone, granite, quartz, luck stones, marble, boulders, bush rock, and even pavers all look great, and should be always used if desired, but when they are used keep in mind that the area around them can get very very hot in summer. So to allow for this either leave extra space for the ground and air to cool, meaning a much larger planting space, use mulch around the plant in these larger spaces, or use tough plants that can cope with the heat from the rocks. Many rock garden designs and plant selection lists have come from cooler climates, but they do not work for long in our harsh Australian sun.

Before contemplating the best plant types for a rock garden, the design aspects must first be pondered upon. Sloping terrain can greatly benefit from the use of larger rocks. They not only stabilise the site, they provide a base for smaller rocks to be placed around, and can create the design template for the garden. Outcrops can also be made, by placing a collection of rocks to make higher focal points. Larger rocks, with interesting shapes can capture attention, creating focal points. Series of rock placements, can even act as types of retaining walls, allowing for slopes to be tamed, providing flatter areas for lawns or paths.

Not all rock gardens have to be on slopes. Flat ground can also benefit from strategic placement of rocks. Rocks can be used to provide height to some flat ground gardens. Another favorite is read more…

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