Mowing Lawns In Shade | Shade Turf Mowing Tips

Mowing Lawns In Shade | Shade Turf Mowing Tips

There is nothing wrong with mowing lawns at 2 different heights. For sunny areas, a height that both the client and contractor is comfortable with, but for shady areas it is essential the lawn is mown at a longer length. Generally in shady areas, the mowing height must be at least 50mm high, and often a height of 60 to 70 mm is best.

The extra leaf area is needed to help the lawn survive. Naturally there are other things that can also be done. You can keep fallen leaves off the lawn, prune trees at the appropriate time of the year to reduce shade, attempt to reduce wear, and try to use a more shade tolerant variety of lawn.

Even more shade tolerant varieties need 2 to 3 hours sun a day, so if there is less light than this try something other than a lawn. EG; a garden of Mondo, Liriope, Lomandra Tanika or even paving. If the lawn variety you or your client has is failing, try over planting with Viro-Cells of Palmetto Buffalo Turf, which is good in sun or moderate shade areas. These are small cell grown plants that can be planted in the existing lawn, and will gradually take over in the shade. click here for more tips…

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