Mass Planting Techniques | Landscape Gardening Plants

Mass Planting Techniques | Landscape Gardening Plants

By Todd Layt

Hints on how to get better results when planting large areas of plants and turf, including establishment maintenance.

Large areas of green space are essential to our urban environment, with the contract landscaping of these areas often being very competitive. Techniques that can help landscapers install these green spaces more efficiently, more cost effectively, and more successfully are invaluable to any commercial landscape company, or Domestic Landscaper that contracts on acreage.

Information is important, particularly on topics such as, preparation, more efficient planting techniques, plant and turf choice, establishment maintenance, and diagnoses of the plant and turf’s health.

Correct preparation can be the difference between success and failure, or the following problems; dead plants and turf, having to water 2 or 3 times as much, weed invasion problems, or toxicity. Involve a soil scientist and make sure the soil is acceptable to receive plants and turf.

PH levels are important. If the levels are wrong, the result can be toxic to plants and turf, or more likely the plants can not process nutrients in the soil correctly, even with high rates of fertiliser. Another important factor is water penetration. This is immensely important with our current water shortages.

Say for example you are faced with a very compacted heavy clay type soil, 10mm of water may only penetrate 1cm, with most running off and being wasted. Simply by following the guidance of a soil scientist, which maybe to incorporate organics, or Gypsum, a wetting agent or other additives, the soil could be improved so that the 10mm would penetrate 3cm to 5cm. This could reduce the watering schedule by a factor of 3, saving thousands of dollars in watering costs, along with saving countless plants from doom.

Mulch is another important factor read more…

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