How To Save Money And Time In Your Landscape Gardening Business

How To Save Money And Time In Your Landscape Gardening Business

By Todd Layt

The biggest cost of maintaining a beautiful landscape is Labour. Discovering new techniques, labour saving devices and machines as well as lower maintenance green life choices can lead to greatly increased efficiencies, and profits.

The manufacturing industry has had to become extremely efficient to survive. Landscape maintenance companies can learn from this and really become efficient and prosper.

Step number one is to spend a couple of days working ON your business, rather than IN it. Write down your major activities, then think of ways you can make them not just more efficient but more productive, and less labour intensive.

For each activity list what you actually do to accomplish the task. After that, find out if there is any better, faster machinery out there than you are currently using. Look for smarter techniques from your list. Your business may not be able to afford the new machinery yet, but over the next year or so you maybe able to, so knowing what is out there is important.

Conversely, your investigation may show that efficiencies gained from new equipment may save far more money in the form of labour saving costs, compared to the cost of purchase over the life of the lease of a machine, particularly if the older machinery is traded or sold. In other words ask your self what it’s costing you to NOT use this machinery? For example read more…

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