7 Great Sales And Marketing Tips For Landscapers | Landscape Gardening Plants

7 Great Sales And Marketing Tips For Landscapers | Landscape Gardening Plants

By Todd Layt

Times are tough, so get out and make things happen.

7 Tips on how to get more landscaping business

  • 1. When you’re working on a client’s landscapes, make sure you have brochures in the car ready to drop into neighbouring properties and recently built houses. If you mainly do commercial work, have brochures available to give to builders and developers working near by. If things are slow, get in the car and head to areas where people are building new homes, and do letter box drops. It’s not hard to hand out five hundred brochures in a new subdivision in a single day. Make sure the flyer has a special offer with a clear call to action. For example; offer $200 worth of free plants with any landscaping worth $2000 or more, call this number NOW. This will only cost you $100, as Landscapers buy plants at half the price of the public. Have the flyer headed, $200 worth of free plants. This free plant idea could also work in local paper advertising.
  • 2. A great idea would be to hand out flyers which promote the reasons why using a landscaper will save you time and money. For example if a consumer was to purchase plants from a retail nursery would they be better off purchasing from a landscaper? A landscaper can normally buy the plants at a better rate and plant them at the same cost. Retail nurseries buy plants for say $4 and sell them for $8. So this may allow you to not only supply the plants for the customer, but plant them for free. Obviously, a free plant promotion may not work here, so try giving away a free patio pot or something else with a reasonable margin. (You could simply make the offer free planting of plants). Often large jobs that people try to do at home, they would be better of getting a landscaper to do as it will save them time and money because of special machines and procedures the landscapers have. So use this in your marketing.
  • 3. Ask your current, or future, clients if they know of anyone who needs work done.
  • 4. Offer free quotes in advertising. When things are tough, get out and quote more. Offer to design a better environment to live in.
  • 5. Sit on the phone, contacting businesses that use Landscapers, or recommend Landscapers. Have a great company profile document ready to send out. This could be a letter of introduction, or a full colour brochure. State on it what kind of work you are after, and make it clear that you would like to work in the future with the company you send it to. If you are chasing residential work, send these to turf companies, landscape supply yards, soil companies, retail nurseries, garden centres, landscape architects and designers. If you are chasing commercial work, send these to Landscape Architects and Designers, Consulting Engineers, etc. If it is quiet, even go and visit these types of places.
  • 6. Signs. When working on a project, erect as large a sign as possible, shouting to the world that you are landscaping that house, or that school etc. Ask retail nurseries etc if you can put a sign up, or at least put business cards at there premises. Put signs where you are allowed. If you can put some small real estate type signs outside a friends’ place or wherever, give it ago. Make sure its legal to do so.
  • 7. Buying building reports. Companies such as Cordell sell construction reports that list much of the construction work being let. For example it might list that 20 townhouses are being built by XXX constructions in Richmond. You can then contact the builder and try to quote on the landscape work. These reports also list roadside work, civil engineering, parks etc. To buy these reports visit www.reedconstructiondata.com.au . These type of reports, are the easiest way to find potential clients. To make this work for you it is necessary to put effort in. Have a good company brochure and standard letter you can send to any potential client you contact by phone.
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