TINY TRINA, Rockeries, Borders And Mass Plantings | Landscape Gardening Plants

TINY TRINA® Stylidium graminifolium ‘ST111’ | Landscape Gardening Plants

Tiny Trina® - Foliage First Landscape Gardening Plants

Tiny Trina is a little tougher than Little Saphire, flowering a month later, with a deeper colour and finer textured foliage.

With it’s greener leaf colour Tiny Trina is a distinctive landscape gardening plant that contrasts nicely with Little Saphire’s blue foliage.

Description: A new form of the highly desirable trigger plant that has varying width leaf blades. Small tussock forming plant resembling a dense miniature grass. Bears stunning deep pink flowers that stand just above the foliage.

Uses: Rockeries, borders and mass plantings. An excellent plant in lightly shaded areas. Suitable for grassy and flowering gardens.

Position: Tolerates a wide range of soils and withstands both dry and wet conditions. Frost, cold and drought tolerant. Prefers full sun to part shade.

Care: Use a native slow release fertiliser. Trim old flower spikes after flowering.

Interesting facts: When the flower trigger is activated by an insect, it swings up and deposits pollen on the insects back.

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