TIA, Specimen Planting, Small Mass Plantings, Along Paths | Landscape Gardening Plants

TIA® Thelionema grande ‘TG100’ PBR | Landscape Gardening Plants

Tia® has blue green toned strappy leaves that are denser than the common form. In spring and summer it provides a fantasic flowering display of blue purple flowers. These flowers are larger than Dianella flowers, so they can be seen from further away.

Tia looks great when planted as specimen plants, or in patches of 10 or 20 through out the garden. It contrasts nicely with green, or red toned plants. It is a good plant for along fences and paths.

Tia grows well from South East Queensland, to Melbourne, to Perth. It does well in partly shaded areas and full sun. Tia will need older leaves removed annually to look its best. This is a quick process of just ripping off the older leaves. It has good drought tolerance, and is generally an adaptable plant.

Description: Mass flowering with blue/green strappy leaves. Grows to an average size of 60-70cm tall by 60-70cm wide. Dianella Prestige has masses of purple flowers in spring, larger than Dianella flowers.

Uses: Can be used for specimen planting, small mass plantings, along paths, etc.

Position: Tolerates full sun to part shade. Tolerates a wide range of soils.

Care: Remove older leaves annually.

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