Landscape Gardening Plants Articles And Information

Landscape Gardening Plants Articles And Information

Please Note:
Some of these landscape gardening articles are Australian, and the name of plants may differ from the American plant name.

In Australia, the Lomandra plant Breeze is called Tanika, the Dianella plant Becca is called Dianella Breeze, the Dianella plant Little Becca is called Dianella Little Jess, and Big Rev is called Revelation.

Amelia Islander
2005 Holiday Gift Guide. (500KB PDF)

Autumn Planting
Autumn is the best time to plant.

Better Homes and Gardens
What’s hot in heating – The latest in value, style and energy. (1.2MB PDF)

Chasing Work
30 Hints on how to get more business or market your business better.

Chemicals & Fertilisers
Chemicals, fertilisers, and other lawn and garden consumables. A practical guide.

Chunky Mulch
Further evidence that chunky mulches are best.

Easiest Plants and Turf
What are the easiest Plants and Turf to Maintain? – and best for the environment.

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