Celebrated Plants | Perennial Landscape Gardening Plants

Celebrated Plants ™ | Perennial Landscape Gardening Plants

Professionals Agree: Drought Tolerant Plants are the Future

We are proud to introduce the Celebrated Plants ™ collection of landscape gardening plants, a new line of drought tolerant groundcovers that are revolutionizing landscape garden design. The collection consists, primarily, of Lomandra and Dianella varieties selected on the prerequisites of drought tolerance, improved cold hardiness and, of course, superior aesthetics.

Ultimately, the concept was to create a collection of low maintenance perennial plants that can be used in those applications where traditional varieties of plants are either too weak or require too much time and money to maintain an acceptable appearance. Celebrated Plants ™ fit the bill.

Landscape gardening professionals around the world are now specifying various Celebrated Plants ™ selections in those areas where the stress of plants is at a maximum: commercial properties, roadway projects, municipalities, etc. Conversely, because these plants are so attractive, it is also commonplace for architects and designers to use these plants in residential settings as well.

The timing of their introduction to the U.S. is excellent, as the industry is currently called upon to provide more efficient plants to address water and maintenance issues recognized by landscape gardening professionals and consumers alike.

Celebrated Plants ™: Less Work, Better Results.

Click here to check out this range of Landscape Gardening Plants


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