Robotic lawn mowers Invade Australian Lawns | The Buffalo Grass Review Site

Robotic lawn mowers Invade Australian Lawns | The Buffalo Grass Review Site

The robot invasion has started. Across Europe and the USA hundreds of thousands of robotic lawn mowers have been sold. But in Australia, our Buffalo Grass is a little more difficult to mow than fine Rye Grass. So can they mow Buffalo? The answer is yes, and I have done it.

In Europe and the USA, where cool season grasses such as Fescue and Rye grass dominate, these robot lawn mowers do 99% of the lawn trimming maintenance. Little garden edging is required. Here in Australia, with fast growing Couches and Kikuyu, and even Buffalo turf, regular edging is a necessity, so human intervention is still needed. Having said that, they can still do 99% of the mowing.

Sure it will be 5 years before robot lawn mowers become a real threat to the lawn mowing contractor, and 10 years before they have a real negative impact on the mowing run, but for the public they are here now, and for the smart contractor there may be great opportunities to build a really good business using these sci-fi machines from the future. In fact, the opportunity is here now.  This is cutting edge stuff, pardon the pun.

There maybe work for contractors to maintain these machines and do the edging. Alternatively, many people who mow the lawn themselves will see an opportunity to free themselves from that task and hand it over to a robot. Also, some of these machines which I will talk about later may save councils, golf courses, schools, and sporting fields a lot of money.

Robot lawn mowers are here, and Europe and the USA would say they are here to stay. Over the next few years, they …read more

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