Kings Pride Buffalo Grass Review | Buffalo Grass Reviews Site

Kings Pride Buffalo Grass Review | Buffalo Grass Reviews Site

Kings Pride Buffalo Grass has good wear tolerance and fast spread. It has a big broad leaf. It may be worth the effort to check out how this grass feels before you buy it.


In general, this grass did well in the Horticulture Australia trials. Good in the wear tests, moderate in the shade tests, and does seem to have better than average winter colour. It has a very coarse leaf, and grows very fast. In warm areas like Sydney and Queensland, this high speed of growth can cause a lot of extra maintenance work, and will often result in more thatch.

In a lot of ways it is very similar to Sir Walter, but perhaps it would be safer to pick Sir Walter or Sapphire over Kings Pride if you want a faster growing Buffalo grass type. They are more proven. Kings Pride’s leaf tips in measurements I conducted were wider than most of the Buffalo types, and it appears to infold less at the tips.

Kings Pride performs well, similar to Sir Walter in most aspects. It has the fastest spread of any of the grasses listed above, so obviously it will need more garden edging than all the others, and more regular mowing. This grass is not for someone looking for a low maintenance Buffalo. The positive of this is that it can recover quickly from wear. It is also quite expensive, which is rather surprising given that it is a new relatively unknown Buffalo Grass.

For full disclosure purposes, Ozbreed and the editors are not related in any way to Kings Pride and have no right to grow, sell or license others to grow and sell the Kings Pride variety of grass. The views expressed here are views of the editors and writers and are for comparison use only.

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