Kid Friendly Gardens Turf And Plants That Are Fun And Safe For Kids | The Buffalo Grass Review Site

Kid Friendly Gardens Turf And Plants That Are Fun And Safe For Kids | The Buffalo Grass Review Site

By Todd Layt

Kids love to play in the yard, so why not make it safe. They love playing on a soft lawn, and many Buffalo types are ideal, just avoid the scratchy ones. There are lots of plants that are safe, but just as many are likely to scratch, poison, or poke them in the eye. At the same time kids live for good things, including saving the planet.

So if they had a choice, they would more than likely choose plants and turf that are good for the environment; plants and turf that need no or very little water, ones that use less fertiliser and best of all, plants that change carbon into good air. They are all pretty much good for the air, so there is one box ticked by planting any plant or turf.

The Garden Gurus often rave about Palmetto Buffalo Turf, and for kids they have definately got it right. Unlike most other Buffalo types, it produces very little seed head, meaning it does not cause allergies. It’s also one of the softest to the touch. If you have a kids football team in the backyard, you need something super tough, and that’s where Sapphire Buffalo Turf comes in. It has excellent wear tolerance even in up to 50% shade.

Most of the Buffalo types will be OK for kids but avoid the scratchy ones. Old Sydney Buffalo is terribly scratchy, but Palmetto, Sapphire, Sir Walter, and Matilda are all very soft. I personally find Kings Pride not very soft compared to the other soft types, so personally I would not use it for kids. If you have kids, or are planning to have kids, or like me, more grand kids, plan the lawn around them. Involve them in the laying of it. They will love it.

Landscape Architects specialising in playgrounds use tens of thousands of …read more

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