Artificial Turf Is An Alternative To Concrete, Not Buffalo Grass | The Buffalo Grass Review Site

Artificial Turf Is An Alternative To Concrete, Not Buffalo Grass | The Buffalo Grass Review Site

Maintaining artificial turf, when to use it and the true benefits of a real buffalo lawn.

By Todd Layt

When you investigate the properties, benefits and functionality of artificial turf compared to real Buffalo grass, you soon realise it cannot replace real lawn, but it is a great alternative to concrete or other hard surfaces. Artificial grass is simply a softer alternative to concrete, allowing a surface to be treated harshly, yet still allow people to play some sports that real grass has trouble coping with. Real Buffalo grass can cope with a lot, even shade, but sometimes it is not the answer, like on tennis courts. For most lawn alternative uses, using artificial grass instead of real Buffalo turf is like having beer with Zero alcohol, being a male without kahunas, trying to eat plastic fruit rather than real fruit, or using plastic plants in the garden. Apart from tangible benefits of true Buffalo grass over the plastic stuff, there are the psychological realities. It is important you know where real Buffalo lawn should be used and where artificial grass should be used, so you get the benefits from your choice.

Research has often linked health benefits with natural living parks consisting of turf and plants. Patients who overlook parks in hospitals recover better, and residents of high rise housing with access to green open spaces are healthier. They have better mental health, immunity to disease, and work more productively. Even a child’s behaviour is improved by natural turf and plants. When people live and work next to nature, they are more relaxed and are less susceptible to high blood pressure, stress and depression. The key word here is nature. Plastic grass is quickly dismissed by the human mind as not real and therefore could never be included in nature. Real turf is a wonderful part of nature. People find the feeling of grass between their toes, or the experience of lying on a soft lawn both relaxing and exhilarating. Real turf is the preferred choice of sportsmen, providing a safer and healthier surface to play sport. More on why real turf is the best choice for most areas later.

However, artificial grass is a good safer alternative surface to concrete or other hard surfaces, particularly when …read more

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