A Short History Of Buffalo Turf Grass | The Buffalo Grass Review Site

A Short History Of Buffalo Turf Grass | The Buffalo Grass Review Site

Where Did The Popular Shade Tolerant Buffalo Turf Come From?

By Todd Layt

Buffalo Turf Grass has been used for lawns and pastures in Australia for over 180 years. The earliest recording of Buffalo being cultivated in Australia comes from the 1820’s, when Gregory Blaxland at Brush Farm House near Sydney was recorded as the first person to cultivate Buffalo (Stenotaphrum secundatum) in the colony.

This work seems to predate the first recorded cultivation of Buffalo in the USA by almost 60 years. In the United States, Buffalo is known as St Augustine. The first officially recorded planting in the USA of St. Augustine grass for a lawn was on 11 November 1880, as a turf alongside an avenue at A. M. Reed’s Mulberry Grove plantation at Yukon, near Orange Park, Florida. However, there are reports of people using Charleston Grass, an old American name for Buffalo, back in the late 1600’s.

Buffalo is thought to originate from three main areas of the world, namely; the Americas, Africa and the Mediterranean. There are conflicting theories to the exact origin of Buffalo and the exact answer may never be truly known. I have my own theories as to where the ancestors of the currently grown Buffalo varieties in Australia originated from, which has research to back it up. (Hal Research).

I believe the old common Sydney Buffalo, Shade Master, Sir Walter, Matilda, Kings Pride and Sapphire came from ancestors that originated in Africa, whilst the Buffalos such as Palmetto, ST85, ST91, and ST26 came from the Caribbean or America.  Dr. Phil Busey from the University of Florida travelled extensively throughout the Caribbean and Africa studying Buffalo grasses.  He proved that …read more

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