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Maintaining Your Buffalo Lawn | How To Take Care of Your Buffalo and Protect it From Pests

By Todd Layt

Maintaining your buffalo lawn requires different maintenance schedules than other types of turf. Firstly, Buffalo only has stolons and no rhizomes, so it is very important not to burn it off with chemicals or fertiliser. With Couch varieties, damaged areas can often but not always reshoot from rhizomes.

I always recommend a good slow release fertiliser for Buffalo to be applied in early spring and early autumn for cooler areas, and mid autumn for warmer areas. I find the autumn fertiliser is the most important, especially for those varieties like Palmetto and Sapphire that have good winter colour, as this is what keeps them greener in winter.

Too many fertilises per year are not only a waste, but can lead to excess maintenance, including more mowing and increased watering requirements. The only exception to this can be highly sandy soils, where extra fertilising may be required.

Buffalos are generally better at out competing weeds than turf varieties like Couch, Kikuyu and Fescue. However, if you do get weeds in them, more care must be taken to remove them. If broad leaf weeds get into Buffalo, there are some chemicals that can be used in some varieties. Never use Dicamba, as this is generally deadly to Buffalo.

The most widely available chemical is Bromoxynil plus MCPA. (Bromocide MA, or Bindii and Broadleaf for soft leaf Buffalo by Yates). These are generally safe on Buffalo lawn, provided you follow the instructions on the label, although you have to be extra careful using any of these chemicals on the ST varieties of Buffalo, as I find they burn very easily. ST varieties may need to be hand weeded for Broadleaf weeds. Provided the label is followed, I find that Palmetto, Sir Walter and Sapphire have good tolerance of these chemicals.

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