The Buffalo Grass Review Site – A Practical Buffalo Lawn Maintenance Guide For Professionals

A Practical Buffalo Lawn Maintenance Guide For Professionals. Chemicals, Fertilisers, Plus Other Lawn And Garden Consumables

By Todd Layt

Buffalo Lawn Maintenance Guide Included

I have contacted various companies and asked for information regarding new and old favourite chemicals, fertilisers, wetting agents and other lawn and garden consumables. Interestingly, there seems to be a real growth in combination products such as fertiliser-chemical combos, or fertiliser-wetting agent combos, and others.

The following is a summary of the product information. To find out detailed information about the products, contact the various suppliers or look at their web sites. Read the label and use this as the overriding source of information, and always follow that information when using these products.

This article has mainly been written for the lawn maintenance professional, but home gardeners that have access to their local Elders store for example, or can simply contact the distributor may be able to buy some of these products, but note they are usually in larger sizes, so you may need to use them over a few years. Some of these products are good for buffalo turf

This is an extremely detail rich article with tons of links to related information so is best viewed at the original source…click here and enjoy.

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