Sir Walter Buffalo Turf | Soft Leaf Buffalo Grass Reviews

Sir Walter Buffalo Turf | Soft Leaf Buffalo Grass Reviews


Editors Choice. Worth considering.

A good all round Buffalo Grass with good wear and disease tolerance and solid performance. More expensive than most Buffalo types and needs more mowing and edging.

Detailed Review

In general, Sir Walter performs very well and is a good all round Buffalo with adequate winter colour, good wear tolerance, and good disease tolerance. It is also good with chemicals that can be sprayed on Buffalo grass. It is a coarser leaf Buffalo which grows faster than the low maintenance types like Palmetto. Based on the independent Hal and DPI Reseach*, Sir Walter had a leaf width of 7.36mm, which was wider than all others in the trial. Kings pride was similar in width at 7.01 mm. Sir Walter grew faster across the ground and grew taller compared to Shademaster and Palmetto based on Hal and DPI Research* and other research. In Horticultural Australian research it performed well in all performance categories, having been rated to have moderate shade tolerance, good salt tolerance for Buffalo turf and good wear tolerance. Sir Walter is a soft Buffalo to lie on. It is more reliable than the ST varieties, softer than Kings Pride, has better winter colour than Shademaster and is less thatchy than Matilda. It has good drought tolerance for a Buffalo, although unlike Palmetto and Sapphire, it has not been tested in the SAWS (Texas, USA) drought tolerance study. It is a good looking broad leaf Buffalo with a slight blue tinge to its mainly green colour. It deserves its spot as one of the three editors choice Buffalo types for Australia; the main categories that reduced its appeal compared to the other two editors choice grasses are its higher average price, and its faster growth rate which results in more mowing and edging. It was bred by Buchanan Turf Supplies Pty Ltd and first sold in 1996.

Sir Walter spent millions on advertising over the past few years so firstly when considering this grass you need to ask yourself the question, is this grass more expensive than other types, and if so is it due to all the advertising?

*HAL Project TU04013 (Completion date 30 November 2009).
Adaptation and management of Australian buffalo grass cultivars for shade and water conservation. Final report.
Alan Duff, Dr Don Loch and Dr Tim Colmer
Queensland Primary Industries and Fisheries Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation



Sir Walter Lawn

Sir Walter Buffalo grass

Sir Walter, like other Buffalo’s, is dense enough to help stop weeds.

Sir Walter Buffalo Grass

Sir Walter and other Buffalos may produce seed head in summer, this means more mowing.


For full disclosure purposes, Ozbreed and the editors are not related in any way to Sir Walter and have no right to grow, sell or license others to grow and sell the Sir Walter variety of grass. The views expressed here are views of the editors and writers and are for comparison use only.

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