Sapphire Instant Turf | Soft Leaf Buffalo Grass Reviews



Editors Choice. Best looking, best performing Buffalo.

If you want a Buffalo Grass that wears well, grows well in shade and is soft, beautiful and finer, then Sapphire Turf is for you.

Detailed Review

One of the biggest complaints about Buffalo grass is that it has a wide broad leaf. Many prefer a finer leafed grass. This is where Sapphire comes in. It has a much finer leaf than all other good performing Buffalo Grass types, and to top this off, much of the time it folds its leaf in half making it look even finer textured.

Sapphire is easily the best looking Buffalo of any reviewed. Sapphire Buffalo was a seedling selection from the older variety of Sir Walter. The main difference between Sapphire and Sir Walter is that Sapphire has a much finer leaf and is generally much better value for money. In some regions it sells for the same price as Sir Walter, yet in many others it is often 10 – 15% lower cost. Of the good Buffalo types, Sapphire is by far the finest textured Buffalo. In sample grass plots people always gravitate to it because of its texture. In the recent Australian Horticulture research (Hal), Sapphire had the best rating in shade for 30%, 50%, and 70% shade levels. Sapphire has good winter colour about the same as Sir Walter, not quite as good as Palmetto. It is a moderately fast growing type of grass requiring more mowing than Palmetto, but a little less than Sir Walter and Kings Pride. Sapphire is mostly in the top statistical group, like Sir Walter, for wear tolerance in shade. In the SAWS (Texas, USA) drought tolerance study (click here) Sapphire rated the best in 2007 of any buffalo grass after 30 days without water, and number 2 behind Floratam after 60 Days. Floratam is not available in Australia, because Floratam is one of the most unattractive grasses in the world. If you have ever seen Floratam you will understand. Sapphire wins one category hands down compared to all other good Buffalo types; it is the finest, best looking Buffalo Grass, yet when it comes to performance in testing it was mainly in the best statistical group for all performance categories. It is best in shade, great for wear, good with chemicals, disease resistant, one of the best in drought and has about the same good winter colour as Sir Walter. Sapphire is well regarded as a reliable grass, and is known to transplant quicker than most Buffalo types.

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