Buffalo Lawn Care Articles From The Soft Leaf Buffalo Grass Review Site

Buffalo Lawn Care Articles | From The Buffalo Grass Review Site

Below is a list of Buffalo Lawn Care articles that will help you look after your lawn. From installing your lawn to fertilisers, lawn mowers and more.

Lawn Preparation and Lawn Care Videos

Videos with help on how to install your turf and keep it healthy.

Buffalo Turf Installation and Lawn Care Instructions

How to install and care for your Buffalo turf.

Maintaining Your Buffalo Lawn

How to take care of your Buffalo and protect it from pests.

Maintaining Buffalo Lawn Edges

Dedicated edger versus brush cutter. Which is best?

How To Kill Kikuyu In Buffalo Grass

The best 3 ways to kill Kikuyu in Buffalo grass

A Practical Buffalo Lawn Mainenance Guide For Professionals. Chemicals, Fertilisers, Plus Other Lawn And Garden Consumables.

Buffalo Guide Included.

Fertilising Your Buffalo Lawn In Autumn

What effect does fertilising your Buffalo lawn in Autumn have on winter colour and spring green up of your Buffalo lawn? Slow release versus a chemical fertiliser. Does Spring fertilising help? What about mowing height?

Robots Invade Australian Lawns

Robotic Lawn Mowers. Opportunity or threat?

What Do I Mow My Buffalo Lawn With? I Want Something Cutting Edge

Trends in lawn mower innovation.

Artificial Turf is an Alternative to Concrete, Not Grass

Maintaining plastic turf, when to use it and the true benefits of a real lawn.

Turf is a Good Guy

Science proves Buffalo turf is environmentally good.

Kid Friendly Gardens

Turf and plants that are fun and safe for kids.

A Short History of Buffalo Grass

Where did the popular shade tolerant turf come from?



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