SAVANNA BLUE, Mass Planting, Highly Ornamental | Landscape Gardening Plants

SAVANNA™ BLUE Lomandra filiformis ‘LMF500’ PBR | Landscape Gardening Plants

SAVANNA™ BLUE has stunning form and foliage. It creates great contrasting colours with many landscape gardening plants due to its unique blue look. Savanna Blue will perform well in mass planted areas and specimen gardens.

Areas that suit Savanna Blue would include most areas in the southern states, as well as regions in the north as far as the Sunshine Coast in QLD. With low growth height and drought tolerance it will perform well.

Savanna Blue is suitable for a wide variety of soil conditions, its low height, good drought tolerance and the fact that it rarely if ever needs trimming makes it a landscaping winner.

Description: A compact, highly ornamental, blue form of the tough Lomandra filiformis. It’s striking blue foliage creates superb colour and texture contrast throughout the garden. Grows to approximately 30cm tall by 30cm wide.

Uses: Ideal for mass planting in garden beds and borders. Planted on mass it provides an excellent ground cover. Its blue foliage contrasts nicely against green, yellow and red tones from other landscape gardening plants. An ideal plant for smaller modern gardens.

Position: Grows well in full sun to part shade positions. Performs well in heavy clay to free draining soils. Tolerates heavy frost and drought conditions.

Care: Once established this plant should require low to no irrigation. In severe drought or very dry climates additional watering will improve the appearance of the plant.

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