ERINDALE, Compact Evergreen Foliage | Landscape Gardening Plants

ERINDALE™ Lomandra longifolia ‘WAU65’PBR | Landscape Gardening Plants

ERINDALE™ is a tough native alternative to Mondo grass. It has compact evergreen foliage with a non-invasive clumping habit meaning no more over grown borders.

Erindale™ makes the perfect edging plant. Similar in appearance to Mondo grass yet with the hardiness of Lomandra longifolia, a favourite of gardeners wanting low to no irrigation gardens. In Sydney, it prefers light to moderate shaded areas, whilst in less hot and humid regions, like Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth, it better tolerates full sun.

Dimensions: 100 to 200mm tall x 150mm wide. Erindale is a non-invasive clumping Mondo grass alternative that is as tough as nails and yet soft to touch, with deep green foliage.

Flowers: Erindale has yet to flower.

Aspect: Full sun to 75% shade. In full sun Erindale tends to remain more compact, resembling mini Mondo grass while holding its foliage colour with minimal leaf burn. In partial shade it will grow fractionally taller and remain lush in appearance. Grows well in coastal humidity and inland climates. Will handle frost with only minor leaf burn which can be trimmed off in spring if untidy.

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