CORAL, Natural Contrast | Landscape Gardening Plants

CORAL™ Cordyline australis ‘LELC01’ PBR | Landscape Gardening Plants

Not every landscape calls for vivid colour contrast. Often a more pastel colour is required to contrast with the greens of the landscape, and CORAL™ does this perfectly. The coral pastel pinks and darker brownish green tones provide the natural contrast needed in a landscape.

Coral™ - Foliage First landscape gardening plants

Coral is tougher than most Cordylines. It is less likely to burn in the sun and discolour in the cold like many do. It is a variety that with age gets a smaller trunk, and as it gets a lot older the trunk elongates. Coral responds well to ground pruning. If you desire a plant without trunks, cut it back to 15cm above the ground in Spring and Summer. Coral will then re-shoot from a lower point.

Dimensions: 1-2 metres tall and 80-100 cm wide.

Position: Full sun to shade.

Soil Types: Sandy to moderately heavier soils.

Uses: Colour contrast, mass planting and as a feature for a patio pot or garden.

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