CHOCOMINT MIST, Mass Planting For Borders | Landscape Gardening Plants

CHOCOMINT MIST™ Phormium tenax ‘PHOS4’ PBR | Landscape Gardening Plants

CHOCOMINT MIST™ is an ultra compact Phormium with unique minty green and chocolate brown foliage. This outstanding foliage will be great for the modern garden, providing colour contrast all year round. Chocomint Mist™ will only grow to 40cm high x 40cm wide.

Coral™ - Foliage First landscape gardening plants

Position: Works well in full sun to shady positions. Tolerates a wide variety of soil types. Tolerates heavy frost and moderate dry conditions.

Uses: Mass planting for borders or as a fill in plant. Chocomint Mist™ is also great as a feature in containers and patio pots.

Care: Ensure crown of the plant isn’t below soil level when planting.

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