PRESTIGE, Mass Flowering Good Ground Coverage | Landscape Gardening Plants

PRESTIGE, Dianella revoluta ‘REV101’ PBR | Landscape Gardening Plants

Prestige is a fine leaf Dianella revoluta with a darker, deep coloured foliage. It forms a very attractive club, and as it matures the leaves fold over slightly giving it good ground coverage.

Prestige has a real abundance of blue flowers, sitting well above the foliage. With its ability to profusely flower, its finer leaf, and its unique clumping foliage, it is quite different to other Dianella revolutas.

Prestige grows to about 50 cm in height, and has an ultimate spread of 70cm. It is very cold and frost tolerant, and has good heat and humidity tolerance.

Description: Mass flowering with fine darker leaves. Grows to an average size of 50cm tall by 60-70cm wide. Prestige has masses of blue flowers in spring.

Uses: Can be used for specimen planting, mass plantings, along paths, etc.

Position: Tolerates full sun to part shade. Tolerates a wide range of soils.

Care: Trim as required every few years.

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