AMETHYST, Deep Purple Flowers High Above The Foliage | Landscape Gardening Plants

AMETHYST™ Liriope muscari ‘LIRTP’ PBR | Landscape Gardening Plants

Amethyst™ has flowers that sit high above the foliage, unlike most Liriope. The beautiful long lasting deep purple flowers are a real highlight.

Amethyst has an excellent foliage form, producing semi-compact dark green clumps. There are other Liriope available that also have good deep purple flowers, but their foliage is very flat compared to Amethyst™, and their flowers are shorter.

Amethyst™ grows well all over Australia, including hot humid regions, and bitterly cold areas. In colder climates like Melbourne or Canberra, it is a good idea to trim the foliage back each year in mid to late winter, allowing the crisp new shoots to emerge without the clutter of older leaves. On larger projects this may not be possible, but don’t worry, by spring or summer the new clean foliage will dominate the old foliage, giving the plant a refreshed look.

Description: Dark green compact foliage. Grows to an average size of 40cm tall by 40cm wide. Amethyst has tall purple flowers well above the foliage.

Uses: Can be used for mass plantings, rockeries, ornamental flowering gardens.

Position: Tolerates full sun and moderate to heavy shade. Suited to a wide selection of soil types.

Care: Low maintenance, fertilise annually with slow release fertiliser.

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