Why Is EMPIRE ZOYSIA Turf Grass So Good?

Why Is EMPIRE Zoysia Turf Grass So Good?

New Research
New research has shown why EMPIRE Zoysia Turf grass is so good.
Read an extract of the new EMPIRE Turf research here.

EMPIRE™ Turf has been given the nick name E.Z. Grass…
(pronounced ‘easy’ grass)

E.Z. to keep looking good

  • Tolerates extreme wear
  • Low thatching
  • Less scalping
  • Good in moderate shade
  • Good winter colour
  • Relatively finer leaf

E.Z. to look after

  • Competes well with weeds & buffalo
  • Requires less mowing than any other commercially grown lawn in Australia
  • Water efficient to the extreme
  • Nothing can look so good with such little water
  • Lawn Grub resistant

E.Z. to grow

  • Farmers love growing it and you will to

E.Z. to Install

  • The strongest and best turf rolls or slabs you will ever see

Water Wise

  • Zoysia’s are known to be amongst the most drought tolerant lawns around
  • EMPIRE™ is proving to be even more water efficient than other Zoysia types

EMPIRE™ Zoysia Turf Just Keeps Looking Good

“EMPIRE™ ZOYSIA – It just keeps looking good”

EMPIRE ZOYSIA is a versatile, adaptable lawn, well suited to Australian conditions. EMPIRE has performed well in both sandy and clay soil types, with aggressive growth from its runners and rhizomes. It can be mown with a standard rotary mower due to its ideal leaf width and open growth habit.

Empire Turf Grass requires less maintenance and mowing than other grasses and is a very efficient water user. This hard wearing, versatile turf grass thrives in all climatic regions of Australia, from Darwin to Tasmania, from Sydney to Perth, and would even survive in places where the temperature drops to 20 degrees below 0.

Click Here For More Info On Empire…


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