Palmetto Buffalo Turf Grass FAQs | When is the best time to plant Palmetto?

Palmetto Buffalo Turf Grass FAQs | When is the best time to plant Palmetto?

A: Generally, Palmetto Soft Leaf Buffalo turf grass does very well when planted in spring or autumn. During these times, the stresses on turf from heat, humidity, cold, etc., are low and the plant has the best chance of recovering quickly from the shock of transplantation. It is important to note that although spring and autumn are the best times, Palmetto is planted throughout the year with great success.

One note of warning: if you wish to plant Palmetto in the hottest summer months (January-February) and you live in a very hot – humid area, please consider a precautionary fungicide application immediately after the turf is installed.

This step is preventative in nature but is recommended, especially if you are installing your Palmetto into a shaded setting, due to the combination of stresses and the amount of water applied to the grass to assist in re-establishment. These conditions are very conducive to disease formation and should be addressed prior to any problems arising. This step is recommended for the installation of all turf varieties subject to these stresses, not just Palmetto.

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